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Christine Padovan is fantastic. She's quick, friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Christine!

- Scott Packard, Houston Health Department


"Christine did the narration for my book BADWATER in audio format. She brought the characters--from a fourteen-year-old girl to a seasoned FBI agent--to life. She can do male and female with a shift in tone. She can do a believable accent without overdoing it. She can do sarcasm as well as sincerity, fear as well as name it.

And she believes in getting the pronunciation right. Highly recommended." - Toni Dwiggins - critically acclaimed writer

"Christine has talent, skill, and professionalism. Not only is she a talented narrator but also she is an extremely talented voice actor.  She delivers what she promises in a timely manner and is always there to offer advice, support, and experience.

I look forward to working with her again." - Joan Reeves - Bestselling Kindle Author of Romance

“Christine is a self motivated Voice-Artist/Actor with a great sense for detail. She has a spot-on understanding of the big picture, and approaches her work with enthusiasm and a fantastic attitude. She is sensitive to the needs of her fellow Actors,Directors, Producers and Clients! and is a great team player with a true sense of collaboration. 

I would absolutely hire her not only for her top quality of work, but as an asset of being a awesome person in the highest quality.” JOHN GROVE 2,000+ (Top Linked) F*S, Freelancer, Voice Over Artist 

"Christine studied with me at several workshops presented in Dallas and New Orleans. She is very talented and a hard worker. I coached her as a voice over performer. She is serious about attaining success." - Betty Zoller VOICESVOICES LLC 

"Christine was a great asset to Bradley Entertainment. On Time for auditions and always on time for filming. Very pleasant to work with and very willing to listen to what needs to be done to make the production perform at it's best. No matter what production she is on. I would recommend christine to anyone. She is a total joy." -  Top Qualities: Great results, Personable, On Time - Dave Bradley hired
Christine as a Actress/Model in 2009.

"Christine's professionalism and poise, combined with a sharp, intuitive mind and excellent planning and organizational skills, make just about any situation, deadline and/or difficult task navigable." - Eve Baum
Alven, Project and Network Administrator, ESEERCO.

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, Creative October 10, 2011 Cindy Hogan hired Christine as a Actress in 2009, and hired Christine more than once.




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